3 experienced consultants have developed the courses together. They are:

Hans Peter Dejgaard

Hans Peter has 25 years of experience with development cooperation from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, where he has been involved in all phases of programmes concerning decentralisation, civil society, good governance and human rights/democratisation, and environment.

He has wide-ranging experience with institutional development, strategic planning and management with ministries, municipalities and civil society organisations. Moreover, he has frequently facilitated  organisational assessments, human resource development, participatory processes, and conducted courses in capacity development. He is experienced in the new aid modalities (Paris Declaration) related to both public sector and civil society. (www.inkaconsult.dk).


Finn Skadkaer Pedersen

Finn has 27 years of experience with development issues focused especially on aid effectiveness, governance and fragile situations. His experience has been gained through employment with a variety of donors and actors in the development field, including the UN, NGOs, the EU-Commission, and not least the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida). He has held several senior positions in Denmark and abroad (including at Danish embassies) and worked with the pratical implementation of the aid effectiveness agenda from a donor perspective. He has lived and worked in Africa for more than 10 years. He now works as a development consultant and is a main partner in Skadkaer Consult Aps (www.tanacopenhagen.com)

Jeef Bech Hansen

Jeef has 22 years of experience with development cooperation from more than 20 Asian and African countries through his work for a range of donors including bilateral donors, the EU-Commission, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, UN-bodies and NGOs. His experience covers all programming phases and he has particularly focused on the issues of capacity building of the public sector and the civil society in light of the aid effectiveness agenda and has over the last years trained Danida advisers on this issue. Besides profound experience in designing and delivering courses in Denmark, Asia and Africa for national counterparts, Jeef has also developed e-learning courses for staff employed at Danish embassies.


Dette er printet fra INKA Consults hjemmeside: www.inkaconsult.dk
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